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Setting up a OneDrive (Business) Network Location

Please follow the steps below to map a OneDrive account as a Network Location within Right Networks.

If your OneDrive account has become disconnected, you will find instructions at the bottom of the page to help reconnect it.

Adding OneDrive as a Network Location

1. Go to the OneDrive website in Internet Explorer from within the Right Networks environment.

2. Make sure to select the check-box labeled Keep me signed in. If this is not selected the OneDrive mapping will not work correctly.

3. Sign in using your Office 365 credentials.

4. Click on the OneDrive icon.

5. Copy the URL up to and including the _com back like the example below.

6. Open the Windows Explorer in Right Networks and click on File.

7. Select Add a network location.

8. When the wizard comes up select Next.

9. Select Choose a custom network location and then select Next.

10. Enter in the address that you copied from the instructions above and add /documents to the URLThe full URL should look similar to the following: 


11. Enter the name that will be associated with the network location. We suggest calling it OneDrive.

12. You will now be able to Open and Save documents to this folder from within any application as well as navigate to it from the File Explorer.

Reconnecting a Disconnected OneDrive Account

Occasionally, OneDrive drive mapping will break itself for security purposes and need to be reconnected. Should this occur, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure Windows Explorer is closed.

2. Open Internet Explorer.

3. Go to and log in with your Office 365 credentials.

  • The user must select the check box for Keep me signed in. If this check box is not selected the mapping will not work correctly.

4. Launch OneDrive, This should reestablish the connection. To confirm, open Windows Explorer and confirm you can see the OneDrive network location.

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