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Caching Office 365 Credentials

NOTE: All users must properly logoff of their Right Networks account in order to save the Office 365 credentials.  The proper way to logoff is:

Start > Log Off

Clicking X at the top of the screen does not properly log you out of Right Networks.  This only temporarily disconnects your session and then forces a logout which does not save any credentials.

The Office 365 icons that come as part of your subscription will already be located on your Right Networks desktop upon logging in to the environment. When launching an Office 365 application for the first time you will need to sign in with your Office 365 credentials. Activating one application will activate the subscription for all Office 365 applications for that session.

To ensure you are not forced to re-enter this information after each login, please follow the below instructions.

1. While logged into Right Networks, click the Start button and then click Computer.

2. In the top, left-hand side of the window click Open Control Panel.

3. Double-click Credential Manager.

4. Click the link named Add a generic credential.

5. Enter the following information into the new window and then click OK.

·        Internet or networks address: (Replace with your email address.)

·        Username: “Your Office 365 email address”

·        Password:  “Your Office 365 password”

6. Close the window, log off of Right Networks, and then log back in. You should no longer need to activate your 365 applications each time you log into Right Networks.

Steps Completed but it Continues to Ask for Credentials

1. While logged into Right Networks, click the Start button and then click Computer.

2. In the top, left-hand side of the window click Open Control Panel. Double-click Credential Manager.

3. Confirm that the saved credential has :orgid: and your email address following MicrosoftOffice16_Data. If it does not, click Edit and add the missing information. It should look similar to this: 


4. If :orgid: is present, check the persistence line and confirm that it says Enterprise. If it says Local, click the link labeled Remove from vault and add the credentials again using the steps above.

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