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Initial Login and Registration

General Overview

Below are steps for setting up a computer to log into Right Networks to access your Microsoft Office 365 hosted software.

  • Complete Step 1a and then move on to Step 2 if your workstation does not already have an existing Right Networks icon.
  • If Step 1a fails for any reason, you can follow the instructions in Step 1b to manually setup a new computer.
  • If you already have an existing Right Networks icon on your workstation, complete Step 1c  to modify it to log into the correct environment before moving onto Step 2.

You will want to ensure that you are logged out of Right Networks before attempting this setup. If at any issues or questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact the Right Networks Cloud Services Support team at 866-489-1563 x2.

PLEASE NOTE - Uniprint is incompatible with the Office 365 environment and TSPrint should be used instead. TSPrint can be downloaded using THIS LINK.

1a. Using the Right Networks Setup Wizard

If you have never used Right Networks on the computer that you are currently setting up you can use the instructions below to run the Right Networks Setup Wizard to automatically configure your computer. The Setup Wizard will perform the following actions to ensure that your computer is configured to connect to the hosted environment and access your Office 365 applications:

  • Perform a check on your computer configuration to ensure you can connect to the hosted environment.
  • Add a shortcut for Microsoft Remote Desktop that contains the Right Networks server information and your username pre-configured.
  • Install the TSPrint and TSScan software to allow printing and scanning from the hosted environment.
  • Allow you to choose which files you would like to upload to the hosted environment.

To download the program click on the following link: Right Networks Setup Wizard. 

Note: Should you encounter any problems with the Setup Wizard, please see our steps below for manually getting started. 

1b. Manual PC Setup

1. Download and install the TSPrint Client.

  • Click Run, and then Run again.
  • Click Next through the Install Wizard and allow the driver installation a minute to complete.

2. Please download the Right Networks icon. You will be prompted to enter your Right Networks username when you do so.

If using Microsoft Internet Explorer: In the bar that appears at the bottom of the browser, click the small arrow on the save button and then select Save As. Then in the window that appears, select Desktop in the left column and click Save.

If using Google Chrome: Click on the small arrow next to the name of the file that appears in the small box in the bottom-left corner of the browser and choose Show in Folder. A window will open. In this window, the RightNetworks.rdp file will be highlighted.  Drag this file to the Desktop.

If using Mozilla Firefox: Choose Save File, then OK.  Click the Down Arrow at the top of your browser and then right-click on the rightnetworks.rdp file and choose Open Containing Folder. A window will open.  In this window, the RightNetworks.rdp file will be highlighted. Drag this file to the Desktop.

3. Once the icon is on your Desktop simply double-click the icon and enter your Right Networks password.

1c. Modifying a Current Right Networks Icon

1. Locate your Microsoft Remote Desktop icon, it may be a shortcut on your desktop or an icon on your toolbar.

  • If the shortcut is on your desktop, right-click on it and choose Edit from the small menu that pops up.
  • If the shortcut is on your toolbar, right-click on it and choose Remote  Desktop Connection.

2. On the General tab, if you see a message that says, "Saved credentials will be used to connect..." click Deleteand the Yes. If you do not see this message, skip this step.

3. In the Computer field enter your server name. This should be or You should be able to find this information in your setup email from Right Networks. 

4. In the username field, enter the following: rightnetworks\"Your RightNetworks Username"

5. Click the Save button and then click Connect.

NOTE: All users must properly logoff of their Right Networks account in order to save the Office 365 credentials.  The proper way to logoff is:

Start > Log Off

Clicking X at the top of the screen does not properly log you out of Right Networks.  This only temporarily disconnects your session and then forces a logout which does not save any credentials.

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