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Accessing the Office 365 Applications

The Office 365 icons that come as part of your subscription will already be located on your Right Networks desktop upon logging in to the Office 365 environment.

NOTE: All users must properly logoff of their Right Networks account in order to save the Office 365 credentials.  The proper way to logoff is:

Start > Log Off

Clicking X at the top of the screen does not properly log you out of Right Networks.  This only temporarily disconnects your session and then forces a logout which does not save any credentials.

Important Notes:

  • When you first login to the Office 365 environment you will want to cache your Office 365 credentials.  Once you have your Office 365 credentials cached you will not have to sign into Office each time you login to your Right Networks account.
  • When launching an Office 365 application and it asks you to login with your credentials, then that means that your password has changed, or something else has changed with your account.  Please check for a change in your account to proceed forward.  
  • Activating one application will activate the subscription for all Office 365 applications for that session.
  • If you are using QuickBooks to export to Excel please be sure that Excel is activated before trying to export.  If Quickbooks freezes when trying to export to Excel that is because your credentials have not been cached properly, your password for Office 365 has expired, or Excel needs to be re-activated.  

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