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Create a new Outlook Profile

This article will help describe the steps needed for creating a new Outlook Profile to Point to Office365 servers.

Create a new profile

In Microsoft Windows, click the Start button

Create a new profile

Click Computer to open Windows Explorer

Click Open Control Panel from Windows Explorer

Click Mail (32-Bit) to open the Mail Profile Settings

If the user does not have the Mail (32-bit) shortcut in Right Networks it can be found in the !!apps folder.

Click Show Profiles

Click Add to create a new email profile to point to Office 365 servers

Name the Profile Office365, or something that will help you and Right Networks Support know that this is and Office 365 profile

Fill in the following:

  • Your name: John Doe
  • Office 365 Primary Email Address:
  • Office 365 Password: Myemailpassword123

Auto Discover will find your server settings and auto connect you to your mailbox.  You will be prompted a second time for your password in a Windows Security window.  Be sure to check the box to Remember my credentials.  If you do not click this, you will be prompted for your password every time you launch Outlook.

Click Finish once the account has been setup

Be sure to change the default profile to the new profile.

Click the drop down and choose the new profile.

Launch Outlook and you will be brought to your Office365 mailbox.

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